Specifics about how our prints are shipped

Specifics about how our prints are shipped

We've already provided information about our shipping process (see here: https://nicholsonfineart.com/pages/shipping-information), but we thought it might be worthwhile to give some specific details.  The details are accurate as of early 2024, of course it's always possible things can change!

Smaller prints are typically shipped flat in envelopes.  

They are packaged in between heavy cardboard to ensure they don't get bent.

Opening the package you get the print covered very carefully.

Removing the covering allows the print to be seen.

The prints also come with a certificate of authenticity.

For larger prints, they typically will be shipped rolled into a poster tube.

Packaging is very careful, to ensure the prints don't move or get damaged during shipment. 

The prints may need to be flattened for a few days, but will come out looking great.

Framed prints are the most carefully packaged, to ensure that the glass is not affected during transit.

Opening up the package shows the extensive foam inserts used to secure the print.

Taking out the photo shows how well it has traveled through the DHL shipment.

As with all of our other prints, the framed print comes with the certificate of authenticity.

We hope this overview of the details of the shipping process is helpful!

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