About Us

Originally from Canada but now residing in the United States, Tom and Edith Nicholson work by day in the biomedical field, but in our spare time we are ethical wildlife photographers. Our interest in wildlife photography arose during our first trip to Africa, but more recently we have expanded our voyages to include India and Brazil.  Our work is inspired by the planet's beauty and the universal connection with wildlife, which we bring to life for those unable to visit these remote regions. We strive to capture the soul of the animals that we photograph, allowing us to advocate for wildlife conservation through our lenses.

Our work has been recognized in a variety of international photography competitions, including a 1st place in the non-professional wildlife category at the International Photography Awards in 2023.  Other recognition has come in contests including WildArt Photographer of the Year, Share the View, the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) showcase, and finalists in the Greatest Maasai Mara competition.  

We believe in sharing the beauty of nature through our photography.  We are also raising the next generation of wildlife enthusiasts, as our two young children travel with us on our adventures.  In order to help preserve these areas for future generations, a portion of all sales are donated to conservation charities.