Fine art framed photograph: A solitary young lion on a desolate kopje confronts a stormy sky, embodying the fierce independence and harsh survival realities of a nomadic life in the African wilderness. By Thomas Nicholson

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Any day with elephants is a good day

The above quote reflects our safari ethos, serving as a constant reminder of the privilege of being amidst the vanishing wilderness with magnificent wildlife. Our limited time on safari inspires us to find ways to bring those experiences into our daily life, as we adorned the walls of our home with vivid photographs capturing the grandeur of the natural world.

We have extended this commitment to our thoughtfully curated print store, offering a tangible piece of the wilderness for others to bring into their homes. Whether you've yet to embark on a safari or want to reminisce about past and potential future trips, our wildlife photo collections infuse the outdoors into your living space, allowing you to relish nature's beauty year-round.

Explore our collections to find the perfect wildlife photo for your space or a thoughtful gift. By adorning your surroundings with these captivating images, you enrich your living spaces and cultivate a perpetual connection to the untamed beauty of the Earth. Step into the wild from home – shop now and embark on a journey into nature's splendor.

A Mother's Love The Resilient Nomad Dawn's curiosity Naboisho's newcomer Jungle cradle

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Serenity collection just launched

Our new collection honors the renewal of spring, and the family bonds between mothers, fathers and children in nature.

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About us

Tom and Edith Nicholson work by day in the biomedical field, but in our spare time we are ethical wildlife photographers. Our work is inspired by the planet's beauty and the universal connection with wildlife. We strive to capture the soul of the animals that we photograph, allowing us to advocate for wildlife conservation through our lenses.
We believe in sharing the beauty of nature through our photography.  In order to help preserve these areas for future generations, a portion of all sales are donated to conservation charities (including SOS Pantanal, Africa Parks, and Panthera).
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