Tender connection
Tender connection
Tender connection
Tender connection
Tender connection

Tender connection

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In a heartwarming display of affection, a mother cheetah and her cub engage in mutual grooming, their tongues tenderly sweeping over each other's fur. The intimacy of their bond is beautifully illustrated by the gentle curve of their intertwined tails, forming a symbolic circle of love and protection. Witness the unbreakable connection between parent and offspring as they reaffirm their bond through this timeless ritual of care and companionship.

NOTE REGARDING THIS PRINT:  In order to develop the best composition the crop of this photo is not likely to fit standard frames that are available in stores.  You will likely require a custom-made frame if you buy the print only.

Location: Naboisho Conservancy, Kenya

Date: November, 2022

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